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Department of Teacher Education Comprehensive Examinations
On this wiki you will find all of the information you need for taking the Comprehensive Exams in the Department of Teacher Education. Final results of all portions of the exam should be reported to the Program Secretary. When all portions of the exam are passed, the student should check with the Program Secretary to sure information has been documented and the proper paperwork has been submitted.

DATES: Applications & Exams 2017-2018 Academic Year

The exam is typically taken in the 3rd year of full time doctoral study.

For students who entered the program before Fall Semester 2012, the exam is given in three forms, described below.

For students who entered the program in Fall Semester 2012 or after, there is one exam format, the Revised Format, described below.

  • Option 1 consists of three artifacts: two sit-down exams, to be completed within 8 hours and administered by the Comps Committee; and a 10-day paper administered by the student's guidance committee.

  • Option 2 consists of three artifacts: a "department" piece reviewed by the Comps Committee, and two "committee" pieces reviewed by the student's committee, that have all been through a process of multiple revisions in response to critical feedback.

  • Revised Format consists of two artifacts: a sit-down exam taken over three days, administered and evaluated by the department Comps Committee; and a piece of original research inquiry, the scope & genre of which is negotiated between the student and his/her guidance committee, and which is evaluated by the guidance committee.

A word about access to this wiki:
Most of the pages on this wiki are accessible by anyone. Some pages are accessible only to students intending to sit for comps soon. If you get to a page that has restricted access, and you're a student planning to take comps soon, then use the link in the upper-left corner to request to join this wiki.

Committee Membership: Members
How are comps evaluated? Evaluation
Advice on Dos and Don'ts from the Committee Members (2014-2015)

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Doug Hartman
Chair of the TE Dept. Comps Committee

CITE Program Secretary

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