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Tech Info: Post your technology questions, answers, ideas, and resources here!

What is a wiki?

How to write on a page:
1. Click the "Edit This Page" button in the upper right corner.
2. Type on the page exactly as if it were a Word document.
3. Click the Save button in the upper right corner.
You can re-edit as many times as as you like.

How to make a new page:
1. Click on "New Page" above the navigation bar on the left side.
2. Name your page. It is convention to make page names one word and as short as possible.
3. Add anything you want to your page.
4. Click the Save button in the upper right.

How to make a link:
1. Go to the page where you want the link.
2. Click the "Edit This Page" button.
3. Select the word or term on the page that you want to be the link phrase (the phrase that will be underlined and blue).
4. Look at the Editor bar at the top.Click the button with the chain Link icon.
5a. If you want to link to a wiki page, use the "Wiki Link" tab. Click "Choose an Existing Page." From the drop-down menu, select the page you want to link to.
5b. If you want to link to a page outside this wiki, use the "External Link" tab. Paste in the URL for the website you want to link to, and click the box for New Window.
6. Click "Add Link" (and the dialog box will go away).
7. Click the Save button in the upper right.

You don't have to worry if you accidentally delete something! This wiki stores all previous versions, so we can always recover anything that gets deleted.


EtherPad: Real-time collaborative text editing; participants are color-coded; can be used during class discussions.

Everyone: Feel free to edit these instructions to make them clearer!