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Recommendations Regarding Comps Policy Issues

1. Providing Guidance on policies and procedures
Recommendation: Comps Wiki with resources for faculty and students

2. Word limits
Issue: Should the 10,000-word limit for the Department Piece include references, tables, and appendices?
Recommendation: Departmental comps artifacts should not exceed 10,000 words including notes and references. If a student has a good reason to exceed that limit, we ask the student to send a brief note of explanation for why the paper is longer than 10,000 words. For example, writing for some journals may require longer manuscripts.

3. Published papers
Issue: Can students submit papers that have been professionally copy edited?
Recommendation: Professionally copy edited is acceptable.

4. Authorship
Issue: Should we allow faculty co-authorship for the department piece?
Recommendation: For the departmental comps artifact, students should not co-author with faculty. While we understand that students may want to generate manuscripts based on project- or grant-related work, for the purposes of the departmental piece the comps artifact should be authored by the student. Committee pieces may be co-authored if the co-authorship is approved by the Guidance Committee.

Note: Removing the option of co-authorship with faculty attends to the power issues that potentially emerge in the evaluation of the artifacts. It does not attend to the question of whether the students can prepare a high quality artifact without a co-author. For this reason we are currently discussing co-authorship with students or other non faculty.

5. Evaluations
Issue: Should we change the outcome options from Pass/Revise/Fail to some other language?
Recommendation: The Comps Committee would prefer to use the language of journal submissions:
  • Accept
  • Minor revisions
  • Major revisions
  • Reject
This language is also consistent with the academic world in terms of journal submissions.

6. Option 1 questions
Issue: Is it okay to include questions about research methodology?

Recommendation: Option 1 should include one methodology question on one of the exam days with the following points considered:
  • Methodology questions may help include international students' expertise.
  • Aligns with research task force push toward literacy in multiple research approaches.
  • Methodology questions can be designed to allow a range of epistemological commitments.
  • We would not want students to answer methodology questions on both exam days, so we would one question on one day.
  • Students get three questions each day from which they choose one to answer.

Note: the comps committee will make available sample methodological questions.

7. Option 2: Not enough high quality artifacts in Option 2
Recommendation: The DEC believe that this is primarily a cultural issue rather than an issue of quantity. We recommend that the number of artifacts remain at 3 (2 committee & 1 departmental) rather than reduce the number of artifacts to 2. However we also recognize that we need to further think about the culture of doing comps option 2.