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Department of Teacher Education
Comprehensive Examinations
Option 1

REMINDER: Option 1 comps is only available as a format for satisfying the comps requirement for students who entered the program BEFORE Fall Semester 2012. If you entered the program in Fall Semester 2012 or later, please see the Revised Option format for more information on the comps exam.

Applications for Option 1:

Submit this application (including signed signature page) as an email pdf attachment or paper document to Linda Brandau at:

Option 1 consists of three parts:
  • Two sit-down exams that are evaluated by the Department Comps Committee. (See instructions below)
  • One 10-day paper that is written in response to a question designed by the student and the guidance committee and evaluated by the guidance committee.

Option 1 previous questions.
Option 1 Evaluation rubric for the two Department essays.

Option 1 Department portion of Comprehensive Exam:

  • On Monday at 8:00 am, you will have access to the questions for Day 1. They will be available on the TE Comprehensive Exams D2L group site.
  • The test is administered fully online, so you can take it from anywhere.
  • At 8:00 Monday morning, you should go into the Comps D2L group site and access the document with the exam questions and instructions.
  • Choose one of the three questions to answer in an essay of no more than 2500 words.
  • You may consult written references, but you may not consult other people during the examination period. The exception is that you may ask the chair of the Comps Committee questions about how to take the exam.
  • University regulations about academic integrity apply: See also, Student Rights and Responsibilities:
  • You have until 5:00 pm Monday afternoon to complete the exam. (If your first language is not English, you may request extra time, up to twice the allotted time, in this case up to 24 hours. Please contact the chair of the Comps Committee about that.)
  • By 5:00 pm Monday, upload your response essay into the designated Drop Box on the comps D2L site. Do not put your name anywhere on your paper. Label your document with: "Day 1 and your test-taker ID" that the graduate secretary sent you.

On Wednesday you will repeat the same procedure as Monday. There will be new questions provided at 8:00 am Wednesday for the Day 2 exam, and you should choose one to answer. Upload your Day 2 response into the Drop Box for Day 2 exams.

* * * * You will not be able to see the D2L comps group site until the site opens at 8:00 am the morning comps begin. * * * *

Option 1 Committee Piece of Comprehensive Exam:
Writing the Committee QuestionThe student and the advisor together write a question suitable for the student to answer in an essay of 5000 - 10000 words in 10 days. It is appropriate to design a question that allows the student to synthesize prior learning and prepare for dissertation research. The student and the guidance committee establish the question, the research parameters, the evaluation rubric, and the timing for the Committee Question.
Due Date for Committee PieceThe Department Comps Committee will suggest a due date for submission of the Committee Piece that is 10 days after the second Department exam. However, guidance committees can be flexible about the 10-day period for the student to respond to the committee question. Flexibility pertains especially if the Committee Piece has an oral component, which means that the committee needs to meet face to face. Students and advisors should discuss the due date for committee comps piece and agree on an appropriate date that is close to the suggested date.
Summative Evaluation of Committee Pieces
1. The student sends the Committee Piece to the advisor.
2. The student and advisor decide on a rubric for evaluation of the Committee Piece. The student may use the Department Piece rubric, or they may
devise their own rubric. For a Committee Piece in a genre other than a research report, the student will probably want to devise their own rubric
suitable for the genre of the piece.
3. The advisor sends the Committee Piece, the evaluation rubric, instructions, and due date to the committee members.
4. Committee-level reviewers send evaluations and substantive comments to the advisor by the requested due date.
5. The advisor compiles the committee’s evaluations and, in negotiation with committee members, makes an overall judgment of Pass, Revise, or Fail
for the Committee Piece.

Revisions of Committee PiecesRevisions must be completed within one year of the comprehensive exams.


Doug Hartman, Chair,
Lindsay Metiva, Program Secretary,