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This page contains a calendar of issues and items that typically need attending to at predictable moments through the year. We've also included some insights, tips, etc. we've learned over the years to help prevent you from having to re-invent the wheel or figure it all out again...

Start of fall semester
1) Collaborate with Department Chair to work out the committee membership for the year.
  • There is no fixed number of faculty needed for the committee. Instead, it should be a function of how many students we anticipate will take comps in a given academic year. Figure on three readers per comp artifact when deciding how many faculty should serve.
  • We try to get as broad a spectrum across the department as possible: epistemological commitments, content area and other disciplinary expertise, across all three ranks, etc.
  • Members typically serve for three academic years. This is by precedent, not by-laws. Thus, ensuring a reasonable 'rotation' of members is important to maintain some consistency and institutional memory on the committee.

2) Update comps wiki. This includes details such as:
  • The application due dates for each semester.
  • The exam dates for each semester.
  • The names and email addresses of the comps chair(s) - NOTE that this info is repeated at the bottom of EACH of the Option 1, Option 2, and Revised Format pages and thus requires multiple updating.
  • The names of committee members for the year.

3) Convene an early meeting with the entire committee. The main purposes of this meeting are to:
  • Orient new committee members to the pace, scope and details of the committee's work
  • Review and resolve any pending policy issues
  • Set plan for devising exam questions for the fall semester's Option 1 and Revised Format exams.
  • Set up date for the evaluation meeting. In order to ensure a timely response to student exams, this should be about 2 weeks after the exams have been turned in.

4) Ask the Program Secretary supporting the comps committee to email all PhD students with a link to the updated comps wiki and the name(s) and contact info of the comps chair(s).


5) Administering the exams

6) The evaluation meeting

7) Mid-semester