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Option 1 Committee Piece

Writing the Committee Question
The student and the advisor together write a question suitable for the student to answer in an essay of 5000 - 10000 words in 10 days. It is appropriate to design a question that allows the student to synthesize prior learning and prepare for dissertation research. The student and the guidance committee establish the question, the research parameters, the evaluation rubric, and the timing for the Committee Question.

Due Date for Committee Piece
The Department Comps Committee will suggest a due date for submission of the Committee Piece that is 10 days after the second Department exam. However, guidance committees can be flexible about the 10-day period for the student to respond to the committee question. Flexibility pertains especially if the Committee Piece has an oral component, which means that the committee needs to meet face to face. Students and advisors should discuss the due date for committee comps piece and agree on an appropriate date that is close to the suggested date.

Summative Evaluation of Committee Pieces
1. The student sends the Committee Piece to the advisor.
2. The student and advisor decide on a rubric for evaluation of the Committee Piece. You may use the Department Piece rubric, or you may devise your own rubric. For a Committee Piece in a genre other than a research report, you will probably want to devise your own rubric suitable for the genre of the piece.
3. The advisor sends the Committee Piece, the evaluation rubric, instructions, and due date to the committee members and the external reviewer.
4. Committee-level reviewers send evaluations and substantive comments to the advisor by the requested due date.
5. The advisor compiles the committee’s evaluations and, in negotiation with committee members, makes an overall judgment of Pass, Revise, or Fail for the Committee Piece.

Revisions of Committee Pieces
We ask that any required revisions of Committee Pieces be completed within one year of the comprehensive exams.
(Option 1 Department Pieces must be revised within the same semester as comps are taken.)

Option 2 Committee Pieces

The Department Comps Committee will evaluate the Option 2 Comps application for genre and domain requirements.
Other than that, the Guidance Committee sets the parameters for the two committee pieces.
The Guidance Committee decides the form of the Committee pieces, the due dates, the rubrics, and the evaluation.